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Sure, TV ads for auto manufacturers are still flooding the airwaves, but more important marketing work is being done online and through highly specific and targeted branding initiatives, says Kerri Wise, director of business insights for, a consumer education site about automobiles, based in Santa Monica, CA. More than anything, auto companies are concerned with tracking their marketing dollars to determine the best return on their investment.

To do that, Wise says, they’re becoming more tech savvy, developing online campaigns to reach out to specific audiences, and seeking buyers who are “more likely to purchase in the near future,” Wise says, rather than targeting a wide audience in the hopes of being top of mind over a longer period of time.

“The beauty of the Internet is that you can target someone based upon their online behavior,” Wise says, assessing not only if a shopper is in the market to buy a car, but perhaps the type of vehicle or model she might be more inclined to look at. “Over the last couple of years dealers are getting more sophisticated when it comes to Internet and digital marketing as a whole,” Wise says, adding that recent statistics show that as many as eight out of 10 consumers will use the Internet at some point in their car shopping experience.

To draw consumers in, for example, many dealers are creating interactive sites that allow shoppers to experience elements of the car they’re interested in and have questions answered online, long before they enter a showroom, “so that a consumer can make decisions before they interact with the dealer,” Wise says. “Dealers are bringing that showroom experience online and doing that through extensive vehicle photos and rich videos. I can learn everything about a model before I ever walk into the dealer.”

This move to online and digital marketing often incorporates promotional products. A promotion with USBs that lead users to a dealer’s website or even a non-high-tech product with a QR code imprinted on it that will take recipients to specific online offers or promotions are perfect ways to generate attention from prospective car buyers, Wise says.

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